With fifth point of fellowship we are encouraged to give wise counsel to our Brother Freemason and to support him in his time of need. In Ancient Craft Masonry, the hand symbolized the support, while the whispered counsel, if found worthy, was equally common. The key is to see the responsibility of communicating good advice and providing support and help in implementing that advice. No matter who we are, we will need some help at some time, and, as Freemasons, we should strive to be available to offer our assistance to others when needed.

Thus the Five Pointed Star reminds us to extend love and affection to our Brother Freemasons, doing for each of them as we would wish done for each of us. Each point carries an important lesson and responsibility found within the teachings of the Third Degree. Never forget that five-pointed ritual and the bonds that unite us into a sacred band of friend and brothers who strive to emulate the love of the Supreme Grand Architect of the Universe.